GovStack Implementation Playbook

What is the playbook?

The GovStack Implementation Playbook provides guidance and examples of how governments can incorporate a Building Block (BB) and principles to design and deliver government digital services at national, state, municipal, and local levels. Governments can get started from a variety of different points depending on their objectives, context, and needs. GovStack can be used by governments at any stage of their digital journey.

Who's the playbook for?

The Playbook is intended to be used by digital teams - service designers, solution architects, developers, lawyers, product managers, behavioral scientists, and user needs researchers, among others who are involved in the digitization of government services.

How is the playbook structured?

Each section of the playbook suggests activities, provides examples, resources, and roles within a digital team responsible for implementing the suggested activity.

The playbook references examples from countries that participate in GovStack communities of practice like the WSIS Special Prize on Service Design, CIO Digital Leaders Forum, and countries that currently are implementing using GovStack tools and resources.

How is the playbook developed and kept updated?

The playbook is a continuous co-design effort by a multidisciplinary team of experts representing GovStack founding partners (ITU, EE, GIZ, DIAL), implementing partners such as EstDev, FIIAAP, Taltech, and digital teams from governments that participate in TAC review.

The playbook also integrates a curated set of best practices coming from different assessment frameworks developed by International Organizations like ITU, OECD, UNDP, and World Bank, among others. It also gathers reference tools and methods from digital services manuals, and design standards developed by different digital service teams worldwide. Like but not limited to:

  • The Government Digital Service in the United Kingdom

  • 18F in the United States

  • digital service team in Perú

  • digital service team in México

  • Canada Digital Service

  • Australia Digital Government Office

  • Ireland Digital Service

The playbook is in continuous iteration according to country implementation feedback.

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