High School Certificate - Methodology Demo

A high school certificate service allows students and graduates to access their high school certificates digitally. It eliminates the need for physical copies of certificates and provides a convenient and efficient way for students to access and share their educational qualifications digitally.

Acknowledgement: This Use Case is contributed by the Government of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

Which GovStack features are demonstrated?

GovStack Playbook Templates

Designing the user experience (UX) of this demo we followed the GovStack Playbook and its easy-to-use templates (click on the arrow next to the title and "duplicate" to use the template).

Follow the links below for the filled-in templates according to this use case.

Service Patterns of UX/UI Building Block

The user interface (UI) follows and demonstrates the UI service patterns

Usable Prototype

The prototype served for Thinking Aloud User Testing and is one of the deliverables from the design phase along the GovStack Implementation playbook.

How to access?