Building Blocks

Building blocks (BBs) are software modules that can be deployed and combined in a standardized manner. Each building block is capable of working independently, but they can be combined to do much more. Read the full definition in the GovStack Specifications.

What do we use to build it?

The Building Block Software are build based on various different software stacks. Please visit the respective documentations for more insights.
For our Building Block Emulators, visit our sub page on emulators.

Where do we demo it?

Building Block Software in Use

Building Block Software in Progress

BB Implementation
BB Specification Compliance
Platform of Registries
Registry Specification 1.0

Which conceptual decisions do we follow?

The Building Block Implementations listed here have been openly procured by GovStack Initiative based on the GovStack Specifications. The providers of these BB implementations have been assigned to adapt/extend their offered software solutions to fully meet the GovStack Specifications for the respective Building Block.

Further documentation