Use Cases

In GovStack, reference use cases are used to define a set of high-level steps to accomplish a specific task. The Product Committee, who manage the reference use cases, works with the GovStack community and country partners to identify:

  1. Common use cases shared in many settings with relatively little variation

  2. Focused, country-specific, use cases which we believe could be replicated in other country contexts.

Each reference use case is defined using our <Use Case Template> and aligns, as much as possible, to a common set of use case steps. This common set of use case steps allows us to create a lightweight taxonomy for how we describe and break down tasks, as well as how the steps map to Building Blocks.

We welcome feedback and contributions to these reference use cases and will continue working to identify high-value, common use cases which can highlight the value of a building block approach to system implementation. Please provide feedback directly from the documentation by using the "Give Feedback" link at the top of the page, sharing at the Product Committee, or commenting on the #product-committee Slack Channel.

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