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<Use Case Template>

Product Use Case Summary

<Abbev-Sector - Index>
<Use Case Name>
<SDG Sector>
<Document Version>
<Draft, Proposed, Approved, Published>
Prose description of the overall use case. This can, and likely should comprise multiple paragraphs and can be used and a high-level perspective on the individual use case steps.


  • A list of the stakeholders that have some engagement with this use case, including how they are involved

SDG Targets

  • The specific SDG targets this use case contributes towards
  • The format for this section is: <Url to SDG Target with text of specific target ID>: Text of the SDG Target
    • 11.6: Reduce the adverse per capita environmental impact of cities, including by paying special attention to air quality and municipal and other waste management.

Building Blocks

  • List of the GovStack Building Blocks involved in this use case, including link to Building Block specification
Future building block inclusion
  • List of Building Blocks that may be involved in this use case once the Building Block specification is complete/updated

Source Documents

  • List of links to documents used to create the use case


<# - Step Name>

Prose description of the use case step
  • List of the workflows involved in this step, include a description of how the workflow involved
  • Format: Workflow Name text description
    • Identification and Registration for locating and tracking users registered in the system.
Example Implementation
<Link to example implementation>
Building Blocks
List of Building Blocks involved in this use case step, including link to building block specification


  • <List of contributors, optionally including organization and email address>