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11 Other Resources

11.1 Standards

The following standards are applicable to data structures in the Payments Building Block:
  • All dates should follow ISO 8601.
  • The transaction data is passed in a format that is compatible with ISO 20022.
  • The voucher number generation should be aligned to 18031:2011 or NIST SP 800A (Recommendation for Random Number Generation Using Deterministic Random Bit Generators), B (Recommendation for Entropy Sources used for Random Bit Generation) and C (Recommendation for Random Bit Generator (RGB) Constructions).
  • Merchant IDs must conform to the Universally unique identifier (UUID).
  • A Merchant Presented Mode dynamic QR code would be recommended (EMV QRCPS v1.1 2020).

11.2 GovStack Resources

11.3 Unconditional Social Cash Transfer Resources

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