Version 0.9.0

8 Performance Requirements

This section specifies the basic parameters that an implementing government might use to establish performance requirements for scalability, throughput, and response times when reasonable/necessary. For example:
  • Minimum Throughput = 100 requests/sec
  • Maximum Latency = 1sec
  • Concurrency = 1000 concurrent requests
  • All solutions MUST be able to monitor and report, including but not limited to, resource consumption, throughput, latency, average latency, queue depth/backlogs, etc.
    • All of these indicators MUST be available through an administrative API.
    • Ideally, all BBs should be able to run a “monitoring agent” which handles reporting out logs, requests, BB-specific indicators, etc. to a monitoring service (e.g.,
    • The local monitoring agent should be configurable via web interface.
  • Retries and backoff strategies must be configurable.
  • There are specific “Scaling/Throughput” requirements in the functional requirements section.
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