Version 0.9.0

13 Future Considerations

This section is based on feedback from reviewers on 2022-02-23.
  • We lack adequate examples from domains outside health and this makes the “whole of government” approach which underpins the IM BB unclear.
  • We must explain WHAT the specification IS before diving in. This document is “a set of requirements for a building block that will enable a certain strategy for application-to-application communication across a government software ecosystem.”
  • We must explain more clearly that the IM BB neither produces nor consumes information—it merely moves information between producers and consumers in a secure, structured fashion.
  • We must better articulate the “discovery” services, ensuring that the process of finding members, applications, and available services is clear and obvious.
  • We must add a simplified diagram and process description that explains the relationship between the central server and the various security servers—pay careful attention to the “discovery” process and how a copy of the “global configuration” is distributed across the network of security servers.
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