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3 Terminology

Registry ****A paper-based or electronic database (centralized or decentralized, i.e. blockchain) where claims are stored and can be consulted.
Registration ****Process through which an entity gets claims recorded in a registry.
Entity ****A thing with distinct and independent existence, such as a person, organization, or device.
Claim An attribute asserted by an entity, about itself or another entity.
Asserter ****An entity that asserts a claim.
Registrar ****An entity that is authorized to register, in a registry, claims submitted by an applicant.
Applicant ****Entity that requests the registration of claims in a registry.
Operator ****A registrar or a staff of a registrar who is processing the request of an applicant.
Administrator/Analyst ****A registrar or a staff of a registrar who is building a new registry.
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