Version 0.9.0

2 Description

This Digital Registries Building Block is a no-code application meant to offer intuitive database/register creation and management functionalities.
The Digital Registries BB´, no-code development platform, uses graphical wizards to create and build software, unlike the traditional approach which uses computer programming languages. It is simple to use, similar to online Excel with advanced data management, log and connectivity options for advanced users. Each register created in the system has a simple User Interface to see and edit data and an API connector with automatically created Open API services for machine-to-machine communication. The Digital Registry System does not contain data capturing and workflow functionality, however if a user interface and data processing is needed then DR can be combined with the Registration BB (see here) as plug-and-play.
It provides services to other building blocks and to external systems, to store and manage data/claims on any entity (persons, places and things), in forms of uniquely identifiable records in a database.
For example, these records could contain health and medical information, ownership of property, vehicles, money, qualifications, birth/expiry of people and entities, land surveys, manufacturing information of vehicles and equipment, banking and commercial transactions, etc. Given the diversity of such information, this building block provides services useful to abstract the structure, linkages and grouping of information into various records and collections such as financial, legal, medical, social, educational, commercial, etc., as needed.
The building block provides capability to capture, store, search, distribute and present data with zero or minimal need for software development. It also maintains and reports logs of all operations taking place on schemas and data. It contains various functional components, data resources to abstract away all the details and complexity and to expose capabilities as service-APIs to external Building Blocks/applications.
The Registries BB is an optional BB for other Govstack BBs that have the need to store information. Any traditional database platform could be used alone or in combination with Digital Registries BB. Digital Registry BB can operate as a standalone service and could be implemented as one centralized instance per domain, containing multiple registries in one instance, or many instances per domain, each database in its own server.
Illustration 1- Digital Registries BB in GovStack sandbox
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