2 Description

Design standards, guidance, and patterns for designing services using GovStack Building Blocks.

This document has been developed as guidance to kick-start the design and development of services that use and combine GovStack applications and Building Blocks, as well as other components while maintaining a seamless and consistent user experience.

This guidance supports teams in identifying and implementing the foundations for designing user-centered, accessible, consistent, and technically robust services. Intended to help teams align to the GovStack Design Principles and the Implementation Playbook.

2.1 Current scope

Specifications for how to implement accessible, responsive, multi-modal Building Blocks and provide a consistent service.

  • Guidelines for designing interfaces (like meeting WCAG accessibility guidelines).

  • Screen flows for common user journeys (like registration).

  • Guidance on technical choices (like how to design for low bandwidth, high latency environments, unreliable connectivity, local storage, local persistence of data security using DOMs, etc.).

  • Patterns for managing client-side validation.

2.2 Good practice UI/UX guidelines for Service Design

The guidelines act as a template checklist for assuring the quality of a service's design and delivery. Each point in the guideline has/links to additional guidance.

2.3 Service patterns

We chose to define high-level service patterns rather than anything more specific like a design system or user interface components, this is to maintain flexibility to work around each organization's needs and existing design assets and front-end frameworks.

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