Enter the Sandbox

Test and Learn the GovStack Approach using our Sandbox

The GovStack Sandbox is a demonstration environment for digital teams from governments and service providers to learn and test how to practically implement the GovStack approach.

You might also enjoy our GovStack Simulation making the Building Block approach tangible for less tech-savvy users.

Sandbox Value Proposition

Learn about one possible implementation of the GovStack Specifications

In the Access Demo section, Explore Stack section and our GitHub repositories, you can dive step-by-step deeper into the technical implementation details.

Prototype with reusable assets to create your own use cases

Re-usability as one of GovStack's core principles, let us to develop all assets under Open Source licence and as much as possible as a generic implementation to be re-used for new use case prototypes.

Replicate stack components to freely explore and change

The full admin access enables you to, for example, access all admin panels, change data or API calls, integrate new Building Blocks.

Customize to your own needs local context

A customized version of the sandbox can take various forms and typically involves a software developer team. Possible customization projects could be: (a) providing mainly infrastructure and DevOps components to standardize deployment and configuration of Building Block software from your local GovTech companies or (b) recreating the full stack with different use cases and Building Block software.

Contact us to explore all the possibilities together.

GovStack Sandbox Short Description

The design of the GovStack sandbox encapsulates the business logic and data necessary to represent multiple GovStack capabilities such as APIs, Building Blocks, use cases and transaction flows. This helps developers and digital government agencies to achieve a more holistic view of the GovStack approach.

The fully operational environment offers a comprehensive API that public and private agencies can use to mimic the characteristics exhibited by the GovStack Specifications. Therefore, it offers an environment on a real-time basis to help simulate responses from all the systems an application interfaces with. This especially enables digital government players to experiment with innovative GovTech products or services within a well-defined space and duration.

Table of Contents

GovStack General

Sandbox High-Level Documentation (GitBook)

Sandbox Developer Documentation and Code Repositories (GitHub)


Special thanks to all the contributors to the project:

Gofore for implementing the concept of sandbox for Govstack and integrating BB. Especially: Jarkko Hyöty; Bert Viikmäe; Kimmo Hedemäki; Heidi Kuum; Martha Vasquez; Oleksii Danyliuk; Priit Puru; Vladislav Todorov; Tsvetomir Krumov; Akseli Karvinen; Artun Gurkan; Jonas Bergmeier; Valentin Filyov; Vasil Kolev; Meelis Zujev; Harri Mansikamäki.

Technoforte for customizing and supplying MOSIP (Identity BB).

Mifos Consortium for customizing and supplying Mifos Payment Hub (Payment BB).

Nortal for customizing and supplying X-Road (Information Mediator BB).

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