4.3.5 Service sheet

Use this pattern to help users check if they are ready to start a service.

How it works

Service name

This helps people understand what your service does and whether they need to use it.

Documents and any fees required

A list of things most users need to know: for example, what your service is, what will happen, what users will get or how much it'll cost. To keep the content concise, do not include details about anything that would be obvious to users.

A call-to-action

There should be a clear call to action button to start the service, usually “Start now”. You should also include a link to “sign in” or “continue journey” if the user is able to continue an existing journey.

Other ways to access the service

You should provide ways for people who can’t access the service online to get support, for example, by phone or text relay. You may also include details for support channels.

When to use this pattern

At the start of a service which involves the user inputting information in order to get something. For example, at the start of an application form.

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