4.3.3 Satisfaction

How it Works

Satisfaction Survey

At the end point of the user journey, prompt users to rate their experience. This should be a simple rating scale (1-5) or a binary satisfied/dissatisfied question.

Open-ended Feedback

Following the rating, provide a text field for users to share more details about their experience. Prompt users with an open-ended question like, "How could we improve your experience?"

Submit Button

Include a clear 'submit' button to finalise their feedback.

Success Message

Display a success message after submission, thanking them for their feedback.

Data you might Collect

  • User Satisfaction Score: The user's response to the satisfaction rating question.

  • Feedback Text: The user's response to the open-ended feedback question.

  • Page URL: The URL of the page from which the feedback was submitted.

  • Session ID: Identifies the particular user session, for associating feedback with specific user journeys.

Potential Questions for User Survey

Consider adding questions to your satisfaction survey to gain deeper insights:

  • Did you accomplish what you intended to do in this session? Helps understand if the user journey was effective and efficient

When to use this pattern

Use this pattern at the end of a user journey to collect valuable feedback about user experiences. Be aware that user satisfaction is biased to users that reach an end-point of a service.

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