4.3.9 Check answers

Use this pattern to help users check, review and confirm their entered information before taking a significant final action, such as submitting.

By allowing users to review, make changes, or confirm their answers, this pattern helps prevent errors in data submission.

The long term benefits of this pattern are:

  • users will be confident while using your service as they can visually confirm that all their information has been accurately captured.

  • reducing incorrect and incomplete information will result in lower error rates in applications.

When to use this pattern

Use this pattern when you need to capture information from users on a form that spans multiple pages or steps.

How it works

  • Use a clear heading that clearly communicates the purpose of the page, such as "Check your answers before sending your application"

  • Show the summary of questions and answers given. Ensure the information is organised and easy to scan.

  • Consider the type of answers expected from users. For longer answers, utilize a full-width layout to accommodate the content. For shorter answers, a two-thirds layout may be appropriate to optimise space.

  • Break content into sections if needed. If there is a large number of questions or if it improves the clarity, divide the content into relevant sections.

  • Clearly indicate when a question has not been answered because it was optional. Make it evident to the user that the answer was not provided.

  • Provide navigation to edit answers. Offer users a straightforward way to navigate back to previous steps and edit their answers if needed. This can be achieved through direct links or buttons that allow users to easily access and modify specific questions.

  • Include a call to action button at the bottom of the page that helps the user take the final action such as submitting their application.

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