4.2.1 Register

Use this pattern to help users provide their personal and relevant information to create an account or profile in a system, platform or service.

How it works

Registration is useful when you need to give each user a unique identifier in a system or collect their information in one place. This allows users to access, apply for, or meet the requirements for a particular service.

Once a user has been registered, users can log in to their account using their chosen credentials to:

  • continue using the service,

  • apply for additional services,

  • see the services they have used in one place,

  • update their information, or

  • modify their account settings


Register to a create an account in a system

Service page > register > get notified of status

Registered user sign-in to access service

> access service

Registered user sign-in to apply for service

Sign-in > eligibility check (if needed) > apply for service > feedback


Use case example

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