Account for connectivity issues

Account for connectivity issues in different regions, considering the deployment options provided by the Building Blocks.

  1. Assess Connectivity Conditions and User Needs: Understand the network conditions under which your users will be accessing your service.

  2. Optimise Web Performance: Minimise the size of your resources and fix performance issues.

  3. Implement Progressive Loading: Design your service so that it loads the most critical content first.

  4. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN): If your users are spread across a wide geographical area, using a CDN can speed up load times.

  5. Utilise Service Workers for Offline Functionality: Service workers can intercept network requests and serve cached responses. Google's Workbox can help with this.

  6. Choose the Right Caching Strategies: For instance, you might cache static resources for faster loading and implement a "network first, then cache" strategy for dynamic content.

  7. Implement Local Storage: Consider storing some data locally on the user's device.

  8. Test Under Low-Connectivity Conditions: Use browser developer tools or network throttling tools to simulate various network conditions.

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