3.2 Accessibility and inclusion

Build services that are usable and equitable for all.

Accessibility is important because it allows services to give equal access to all citizens, comply with legal requirements, foster inclusivity, enhance user experience, avoid discrimination, and contribute to government credibility, cost savings, innovation, and international reputation.

3.2.1 Test for accessibility

There could be significant interdependencies between UI components for different accessibility requirements. The World Wide Web Consortium and Web Accessibility Initiative have developed standards for considering the needs of developers (WCAG, ATAG, UAAG), authoring tools, accessibility evaluation tools, and guidelines on how to make user agents (browsers, browser extensions, media players, readers) accessible to users.

Test for accessibility

3.2.2 Test your service with diverse users

Involve a diverse user group in the design

Support multiple languages

Foster a culture of inclusion

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