Monitor performance

Once you're ready to go live, continuously monitor and evaluate the performance and usability of the service, and iterate the design accordingly to drive continuous improvement and optimise user experience.

Key performance indicators (KPIs)

Determine Must-Have KPIs

At a basic level, all services should be tracking metrics such as:

  • User Satisfaction - Overall, how satisfied are users with your service? This can be measured through surveys, feedback forms, or by analysing user behaviour (e.g., how often they return to your service).

  • Task Completion Rate - What percentage of users successfully complete the tasks they set out to do on your service?

  • Error Rates - How often do users encounter errors or difficulties when using your service?

Identify Service-Specific KPIs

In addition to these basics, each service will likely have specific KPIs relevant to its unique goals and user tasks. Identify what these are and how you can measure them.

Run a session with your team to create a performance framework.

Set Up Analytics

Use analytics tools to collect data on these KPIs. Google Analytics is a popular choice, but there are many other tools available. Make sure to set up your analytics tool to track the specific actions and events that correspond to your KPIs.

Collect satisfaction data at the end of the user journey

Implement a mechanism to collect user satisfaction data at the end of key user journeys. This could be a survey or a simple rating system.

See the pattern for collecting feedback

Collect feedback throughout the user journey

Do not wait until the end of the journey to collect feedback. Implement feedback mechanisms at key points throughout the user journey. This could be feedback forms on individual pages, live chat options, or proactive prompts asking users if they need help.

See the pattern for collecting feedback

Regularly review and act on data

Set a regular schedule to review your KPIs and user feedback. Use this data to identify issues and opportunities for improvement, and take action accordingly.

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