Share findings

Share research findings with team members, senior members or strategic leaders, and even the general public whenever practical.

The aim is not just to share information but also to generate dialogue and collaborative action based on the findings.

Organise Your Findings

Begin by grouping your user insights, key takeaways, and suggestions. This could be grouped by themes, user groups, and stages in the user journey.

Create a Simple Presentation

Document your findings. Each slide could represent a key finding or insight. Remember to use clear, simple language and include visual aids where possible to increase understanding.

Schedule a Playback Session

Invite team members and stakeholders to a meeting where you'll share your findings. Make time for discussion.

Document and Share

Share the presentation along with any additional notes from the discussion. This ensures that everyone has access to the information and can refer back to it in the future.

You might even consider publishing findings openly through a blog or similar format.

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