Involve others in the design process

Find opportunities to collaborate closely with users, stakeholders, and other team members with diverse multidisciplinary skills, throughout the design process.

Empower users to take an active role in co-creating and co-designing public services.

Example activities

Engaging Stakeholders:

  • Involve stakeholders early on to understand their expectations and objectives.

  • Get feedback from stakeholders to review and comment on design decisions and findings.

Collaborating with Team Members:

  • Conduct workshops or brainstorming sessions for diverse input.

  • Have peer reviews to get the perspective of different roles in the design.

  • Emphasise user needs and project goals within the team.

Involving Users:

  • Carry out user research activities, like interviews and surveys, to understand user needs.

  • Hold co-design sessions with users, for them to participate directly in the design process.

  • Conduct usability testing with real users to identify issues and opportunities for improvement.

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