Scope of Document

This document provides an overview of the digital transformation of government services and is expected to be a key reference for practitioners.

  • The first chapter is a traditional introduction where we aim to show how the document is set in context and the larger context of GovStack itself.

  • The second chapter is about the basic assumptions that have created the need for such a document.

  • The third chapter applies the GovStack approach to national-level digitization efforts. It describes how the GovStack building blocks make the most sense for national digital transformation.

  • The fourth chapter defines the reference architecture of a public sector organization from the digital transformation perspective.

  • The fifth chapter provides guidelines for practitioners on using this reference architecture.

The document is expected to be a practical and helpful guide for planning national public administration modernization initiatives. The authors intend to incorporate more knowledge and practical case studies over time, so we are interested in readers' feedback.

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