5 Cross-Cutting Requirements

This section will highlight important requirements or describe any additional cross-cutting requirements that apply to this Building Block.

The Cross-cutting requirements described in this section are an extension (adds on) to the cross-cutting requirements defined in the architecture specification document.

5.1 Personal Data Privacy (REQUIRED)

  • Safeguard personal data and share only as authorized.

  • Adhere to GovStack architecture's privacy principles.

  • Log transactions with timestamps, user information, and affiliations.

  • Protect logs from tampering.

  • Comply with Govstack's data policy and audit logging rules.

5.3 Interoperability (REQUIRED)

  • Align with OGC and ISO/TC 211 geospatial standards for data sharing.

  • Seamlessly integrate with other GovStack components.

5.4 Exception Handling (REQUIRED):

  • Implement effective mechanisms and procedures to handle exceptions and errors.

  • Ensure that errors don't lead to system crashes or data loss.

5.5 Incorporation of Relevant Open GIS Standards and APIs (REQUIRED)

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