7 Data Structures

This section provides information on the core data structures/data models that are used by this Building Block.

7.1 Resource Model

The resource model shows the relationship between data objects that are used by this Building Block.

7.2 Data Structures

7.2.1 Data Elements (Generic Example) Person


The following standards are applicable to data structures in the Messaging Building Block:

  • all services are provided as REST API requests;

  • only Transport Layer Security (TLS) Server Name Indication (SNI) extension-compatible requests are allowed;

  • REST calls and responses use JSON as the only allowed data format.

  1. Using ISO 8601 on dates and times is a MUST;

  2. UTF-8 character encoding on text input is a MUST.

Model Schemas

Each model schema MUST have a corresponding JSON Schema (API definition file).

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