4 Key Digital Functionalities

Key Digital Functionalities describe the core (required) functions that this Building Block must be able to perform.

The Messaging Building Block is a standalone messaging gateway/client/proxy (including all possible modalities: email, SMS, etc.) but can also facilitate connections with existing messaging service providers by enabling safe communication. The communication in this Building Block can be categorized in two different directions as follows:

4.1 Government to person (G2P)

In scope of v1

  • informing End clients about their registration;

  • reminding and requesting End clients' confirmation for appointment booking or other events;

  • getting confirmation about government services and interactions.

In scope of future releases

  • delivering information at scale to End clients;

  • alerting End clients in emergency contexts.

4.2 Person to Government (P2G)

In scope of v1

  • confirm Client registration for a service;

  • providing data to the government/service.

In scope of future releases

  • asking for information about government services.

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